Book Review: In Love with Simran

“In Love with Simran” by Kulpreet Yadav is a romance thriller where Sanjana’s best friend Simran was murdered. Sanjana doubts Simran’s boyfriend Nik and try to pursue him to make him accept his doings.

But Sanjana and Nik fell for each other. And her quest to find Simran’s killer comes to a conclusion that Nik’s mother is the killer.

At first story progresses as a genuine thriller with all acts and plans in place, but then after sometime, Nik’s relationship with Sanjana subsides the main motive of story as to who killed Simran. What started out as quest for truth turns into a romance story.

The plot of the story is compromised by this transformation. There were many loose ends and story didn’t meet my expectations as a thriller. Deaths of Ruby and Pathan still went unexplained as to why were they killed. And climax was somewhat disturbing because it didn’t connect to story.

Characters were written very well. They fit their roles perfectly. Narrative was ohkay, no technical language was used.

Cover of the book is beautiful and tells that it’s a romance novel. Title too suggests the same thing but the story didn’t do justice with it.

All in all, it was an okay book to read but it didn’t keep me hooked for a long time.

Title : 6/10
Cover: 6/10
Characters: 7/10
Story: 6/10

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Book Review: The Code of Manavas

The “Code of Manavas” by Arpit Bakshi, is a science fiction mixed with mythology, which in itself is a very different concept. I loved the way author has integrated both and created an amazing story which I would definitely recommend others to read.

The story is of the time, Swarnim yuga, which will come after Kali yuga. Our story’s protagonist Krishna (who resembles Lord Krishna in many ways) invented a compound Bhoomidium which converted yhe existing human population into a new refined race called Manava. These immortal Manavas are more rational, intelligent and calmer than the human beings of Kali yuga.

As the story progresses, Krishna faces two threats. One, the planet they’re living on, Bhoomi (Earth in Kali Yuga) is going to face major destruction making it inhospitable to live. And second, someone from his circle is trying to sabotage his work and his motives are unknown.

The story of the book is set in future with connections from mythology. The plot of story is very different and interesting. It took me 4 days to finish the book as one needs to get into technical terms used in the book. Plus, sometimes the events were happening so fast that it would have gone over the head, if proper time would not have been spent. The pace of story at start was slow but eventually it increases.


Book Review: The Stalker

“The Stalker” by Sandeep Sharma is a crime thriller set in the city of Delhi where Randhir Kamat, the protagonist of the story, a well known face in world of Internet entertainment industry is being stalked by a girl named Deepali.

The story is a very twisted plot as with its progression new aspects of truth are discovered. At first Randhir takes advantage of his stalker to get publicity for his venture USB, but then things take an ugly turn. In the search for truth, inspector Suraj is appointed for the case, who uses his observation skills very well to solve the case. And everyone involved in the case turns out to be a liar in one way or the other. Deepali, the stalker; Rupali, Randhir’s girlfriend; Mayank, randhir’s nemesis and Devendra, randhir’s best friend, are in one way or the other responsible for the mastermind plan to take down Randhir.


Book Review: The Girl in Room 105

“The Girl in Room 105” is a thriller by Chetan Bhagat. An unlove story as described by him, but didn’t seem like one. In fact it is a saga of an obsessive ex boyfriend to find the murderer of the love of his life.

The protagonist Keshav, who loved Zara obsessively, dedicates himself to find her killer along with his best friend Saurabh. The novel touches the sensitive issues of Kashmir and army’s feelings and behavior towards each other and terrorist activities going on in the state.


Book Review: The Perfect Us

“The Perfect Us” is yet another emotional rollercoaster ride by Durjoy datta. The story of his famous characters Deb and Avantika

After 10 years of marriage, Deb and Avantika decides to take it to next level. A baby. And after Avantika get pregnant, everything just falls into and out of place every single day. With Shrey- who opposed the decision of couple having a baby, transforms into being a mother to unborn child, truly showed the way a baby can change someone.