Book Review: Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar

Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kocheri C Shibu is a well drawn out story of three people with a past they are hiding from the world.

Nanda, Khusru and Rekha’s life crossed each other in a dam project in Dhauladhar range. Nanda who has a kalari background was sent to the project so as to stay away from his home in hiding. Khusru, the most interesting of all is associated with terrorist group shows the abrupt and sketchy behavior and gives the insight of how terrorist groups work. While Rekha, who’s a doctor with a heart lying in her passion for dance keeps trying to delay her marriage until she meets khusru.

What happens when these lives mingle together? What’s the fate of them?

The novel works on a number of themes such as love, poverty, terrorism and above all, dreams. I liked the story which was at first wasn’t connected at all and seemed a bit out of place but with progression it gets better.

Author literally put his heart in describing every scene amd character which I really appreciate but at times it was way too descriptive that it hampered the flow of story.

Characters were interesting and their development overtime was good. The background stories of characters gave the insight into what they’ve been through and what are they gonna do.

The title fits fine with the story but the cover seems monotonous. It could have been catchy and more pleasant.

Title : 7/10
Cover: 5/10
Characters: 6/10
Story: 7/10

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I Won’t Say

I wouldn’t say
And you won’t know
The thunders
The hurricanes
The earthquakes
Of this mind.

I would say maybe
Buy you won’t understand
The shaking
The shivering
The shattering
Of this heart


Book Review: To Naddiyaa

To Naddiyaa by Kavya Sharma is a beautiful book consisting of letters to Naddiyaa from his mad lover, Durjoy.

Naddiyaa when set free from asylum, meets her son, Iman. Being alone from many years, she had a space in her heart which isn’t easy to fill in her old age. However, Iman hand over a bunch of letters to her written by his dead father, Durjoy.

Durjoy, who always longed to love Naddiyaa, wrote letters addressed to her and kept them hidden from world. Labelled as insane and mad by the world found solace in Naddiyaa’s eyes. Though unrequited, his love was pure and these letters were the proof to it.

What happened in Naddiyaa’s and Durjoy’s life? You’ll definitely have to read this beautiful piece of work.

The story or should I say letters had lyrical feel to it. It wasn’t just beautiful but soothing to read too. Absorbing these love filled letters was truly a bliss. Letters weren’t just letters, they held a story in it. The story of Naddiyaa and Durjoy.

Narration was so mesmerizing that I still can feel it’s warmth around me. The title is truly the best book can had as these were letters addressed to Naddiyaa. The cover also holds a significance as it shows the backyard of their house where they connected.

Overall I’ll definitely recommend this beautiful story to feel the depths of love.

Title : 10/10
Cover: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Story: 10/10

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The Cave: Secrets Within

The Cave: Secrets Within by Preiksha Jain is a fantasy and thriller where Shraddha and Prachi are somehow connected, as they see same nightmares.

Being childhood friends and then romance interest in adulthood, they decide to attend a special school together to learn more about these dreams. There, following their dreams they meet Agastya. Agastya then helps the two ladies to find the meaning of their dreams.

But there’s more than what meets the eye. How their professor Mr. Ram is associated with these dreams where they find themselves in the cave? What the cave symbolises and what lies in it? What strange connection is between Prachi and Agastya. You’ll definitely have to read this book to find out.

The story was unevenly spread throughout the pages. There were instances where I felt lost as to what is happening. Things didn’t connect. The thrill that was promised in start wasn’t fulfilled with the progression of story. The plot though promising of a great adventure fails to keep up with it.

Narration was a plus point. It was crisp and remarkably good. The title of the book feels apt to the story and the cover too is up to the mark.

Overall story could have been better amd interesting.

Title : 7/10
Cover: 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Story: 4/10

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Book Review: Thank God I’m Fired

Thank God I’m Fired by Sandeep Pawar is the story of a guy who is fed up of corporate life and wants to do something for himself.

The story starts with Raghav being tensed about sending his resignation letter to his boss get called in by him. He, without any explanations got immediately relieved from office with 2 months salary at hand. Pretending to be sad, he couldn’t keep up to his happiness and told his friend, Indu.

It all started when he wasn’t happy with his job. It became his monotonous life. He kind of fell for his colleague Indu and on her birthday, gifted her a handmade card full of memes created by him. She loved it and referred him to her known memesters.

What will be the Raghav’s plan of action now? What will he do after he leaves his job? Well you’ll have to read this novella for that.

The story and plot of book was good. It hardly took me an hour to read. The narration was upto the mark and it kept me hooked till end. I really liked the concept of doing what your heart wants.

Character of Raghav was aptly portrayed and his progress over the pages was remarkable. The title perfectly suits the book and it sounds a bit funny too but the cover is not up to mark. It seems like a poster for advertisement.

Overall I enjoyed reading the book and maybe you’ll too.

I would like to give it ⭐⭐⭐⭐/🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Book Review: The White Sky

The white sky by HSD is story of kanishka. How he left the corporate world to join a business school and what struggles he faced.

Kanishka, working in corporate sector applies for his relieving letter. Dreading thw office politics he was hand over extra work but at last succeeds in getting a relief from office. He then joins NBS, National School of Business.

The story then progresses on to him settling in college. He being a shy introvert didn’t get adjusted very well. Having very tight schedules and submissions he found himself falling for a girl who he never knew but was mesmerizing by her. Even after graduating somewhat feels drawn to her. What happens to him? For that you’ll have to read the book.

The story and plot of the book was monotonous and boring. It was hard to read further at points. Though narrative used is good but the plot could have been interesting.

Character of Kanishka was too dull to make out his personality. There was no significant development in it over the course of story. Wish it could have been more detailed.

I didn’t really connected the story with title and the cover. As the story they weren’t interesting or eye catchy too. This book could have been a good book with proper care and attention.

Title : 3/10
Cover: 4/10
Characters:3 /10
Story: 5/10

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Book Review: Comedy Dreams

Comedy dreams by Shubham das is story of sameer’s struggles as narrated by Harish.

Sameer and harish studied together and went to Mumbai to make their careers together. While Harish was busy studying, Sameer who goes by the name “desi dude” works hard to prove himself in stand up comedy.

Working day and night and after facing many struggles. Even getting defamed by fellow celebrities after getting stardom. When he was accused of things he didn’t do, Harish and their other friend came to their rescue. But why is Harish narrating Sameer’s story and how Sameer got famous. For that definitely you’ll have to read.

The plot of the story was good. And the story was interesting too. However, narration put me off. It was so badly narrated that one can lose his/her interest pretty soon in the book.

Characters were flawed. The change in personalities was not accounted for. The cover of the book was okayish but not pleasing to the eye. Same way, title though related to book isn’t the one that’ll make you want to read the book.

Title : 5/10
Cover: 4/10
Characters:7 /10
Story: 8/10

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